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Deka Meat House

With knowledge and experience of at least 40 years
In Vari, the traditional place of meat workship, in 2009, 3 professional friends with many years of experience and knowledge in the field of fresh meat (there was already a butcher shop), created a pioneering form of butcher shop, the “10”.
Launching a new era in the integrated provision of services and products around meat.
Our Story
Deka - Foods - Deka - Meathouse
Deka - Foods - Deka - Meathouse
Deka - Foods - Deka - Meathouse
Deka - Foods - Deka - Meathouse

We accept your orders by phone, via email or message on our social media platforms.


For any specific need or allergies you may have, you can contact directly one of our staff members and they will guide you through your order.

All orders for the areas near the store are delivered fast and safe at your home the same day until 17:30. For the other areas within Attica we deliver by prior arrangement.

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by Deka Meat House

Beef Steak

Today we're going to make beef steak You will…

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Μοσχάρι λεμονάτο

Beef with lemon

Today we are going to make delicious and easy…

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Αρνάκι με πατατούλες Baby στο φούρνο

Lamb with Baby Potatoes

Today is Sunday and we are preparing our favorite…

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Deka - Foods - Deka - Meathouse