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The blush of Sunday

✔️1 kg beef cut ?

✔️4-5 peeled carrots ?

✔️5-6 grains of Batavia spice

✔️4-5 cloves garlic ?

✔️6-7 tbs. virgin olive oil Gold of the sun

✔️1 small glass of red wine ?

✔️1 can of Santos tomato juice ?

✔️1 packet of spaghetti RUMMO

✔️1 pack of Andros Louvaris

✔️Season with salt and pepper

Saute the meat with the olive oil over high heat, adding to the end, the carrots, the garlic, and the spices. Sautee them lightly and pour the wine. Allow the alcohol to evaporate and add hot water enough to cover half the meat. Lower the heat and let it simmer until it softens. It will take 1 · 1 / 2- 2 hours. Roughly halfway add the tomato juice, if we prefer a strong tomato flavor add a spoonful of Santos tomato paste. Spice with salt and pepper. Continue on low heat until it becomes tender with a nicely reduced sauce.

Boil the spaghetti 1-2´ more than the instructions.

Serve the pasta with the grated volaki (it makes the difference) for best results put the grater in the freezer before you grate.

Serve with the meat and its rich sauce. Dreamed in the simplicity of its fine materials.

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Bon appetit!

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