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Μοσχάρι λεμονάτο

Beef with lemon

Today we are going to make delicious and easy lemon beef🥘

For our recipe we will need the following:
👉1 Kg round cut into portions
👉Salt and pepper 4 lemons
👉4 carrots

Cover the bottom of a deep pot with oil and heat it on medium heat. Flour the meat and fry it on all sides until browned. After it is browned, cover with water and let it simmer for 1.5-2 hours at low temperature. Then add the carrots cut into slices. Once the carrots are ready, squeeze the lemons and add the juice along with salt and pepper. Boil until it thickens!!

👉Extra Tip: If the food comes out watery , dissolve 1 tablespoon of corn flour in cold water and add it to the non-pot to bring to a boil.

Bon appetite 🤗

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