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The Company’s Food Safety Policy and its objectives are expressed as follows
The company DEKA FOODS Ltd. is committed to preparing and distributing
Meat preparations, as well as to distribute Fresh Meat, in full compliance with
specific specifications and requirements, for the full and continuous satisfaction of its customers, the
which are checked for quality before delivery.
Through the harmonious cooperation of all stakeholders (management, staff, partners,
suppliers, customers under bilateral Food Safety Agreements) ensures the successful
completion of its work. The company is committed to communicating with all parties involved
food safety stakeholders, as well as for the communication of this policy to all the
interested parties.
Food safety, quality and consistency lead to long-term benefits for the business, which
are always more important than the short term.
In order to meet the above, the company has installed and implements a Safety Management System
Food Safety Management System (FMS), which includes all the processes of the business that affect safety
food. The S.D.A.T. is monitored, maintained and improved through inspection programmes,
evaluations and reviews. It is designed to give emphasis to prevention, but without
underestimates corrective action mechanisms when non-compliance with requirements is found.
At the same time, the company ensures the professional competence of the Food Safety Team, the competent
staff, as well as its external partners, that affect performance in Food Safety
and the overall performance of the S.D.A.T.
The achievement of the objectives is achieved through modern know-how, compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, and
requirements, compliance with market conditions and competition, employment
staff properly trained, with support functions and with provision of the necessary resources
(i.e. moral and material means), with continuous awareness and information on Safety issues
Food. The specific objectives by function of the business are established and reviewed through the
Management Reviews.
All of the above guarantees compliance with the requirements for Food Safety according to the
standard ELOT EN ISO 22000:2018, as well as the company’s commitment to continuous improvement of the